Monday, 3 May 2021

Bank Holiday project

We have been looking at the lawn in the garden and it is not really very good. The section near to the greenhouse gets very waterlogged and the grass is very poor. Also, it is not very level and quite a narrow straight boring border along the fence.

We have decided to create a soakaway next to the greenhouse and make the lawn smaller. We started to think about the overall shape with more curvy edges. Darren then suggested that we make a fish shaped lawn! 

We started yesterday by digging out the grass around the edges and saving the turf to rot down for use as soil in the new flowerbeds. 

This morning Darren dug out and levelled the ground while I emptied the plants from the soakaway area, and either put them into temporary pots or replanted them around the garden.

I am very pleased that a daisy was growing in the lawn so I dug a deep spadeful of grass and soil up with it and moved it in to the grass near the greenhouse, I hope that it survives its change of address.

Bad weather this afternoon so we went shopping for sand and cement for the mini foundations. Unfortunately there appears to be a national shortage of cement so we only found the sand. Hopefully the local builders merchants will have a couple of bags, and I will be on the phone to them first thing tomorrow morning. 

Sunday, 2 May 2021

Progress on the site

There is loads of work going on all around us, and every day something new happens.

There are still a lot of gaps, but they are filling up rapidly.

This is quite a recent aerial shot, and the red squares are all new plots in progress.

Just along and behind us is a plot that is having a huge basement. We have watched the hole grow daily and when they were putting the metal pilings in to the ground our whole house shook, and all of the glasses in our cupboards clinked and clattered together.

The builders have just started the filling in process and have put in a concrete base that is drying over the weekend.

The plot next door to the giant basement has just had it's scaffolding put up and the frame is due to arrive in two days time. The plot behind the house with the turquoise roof is just being dug out, and just out of sight on this photo is another brand new house. 

All quiet today though on Bank Holiday Sunday. 

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Hove Beach

 Another day at the beach, and today the sun is out again.

Just a short update, and after waiting all day, it seems that we are the front runners for the flat, but there are still some details to be finalised before we get the official go ahead.

Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Brighton beach

 Another day, another beach. This time we are in Brighton, our absolute favourite seaside town and the only place we would consider if we are going to get a little flat.

Much colder and wetter than yesterday, but still lovely.

For the first time in ages something has come up that we like the look of and can afford, so let's see what it's like.

First impressions- very rusty railings and a nice street, also extremely close to the sea.

The estate agent cheated with their photos and showed a sea view, but that was actually taken from a flat on a higher floor than ours, and as the window to our flat is behind the very fancy car, then a totally impossible view!

Still, it is very pretty. Almost as pretty as another flat that went on the market today that is way above our price range and is even a bit smaller. Unbelievably, our old flat in Brighton is now up for sale and we can't afford to buy it back!

Anyway, we liked this one, it needs some work and we have put in an offer, along with four other people, and we will find out tomorrow if we have got it.

Fingers and toes crossed!

Bournemouth beach

 Yesterday we took a trip to Bournemouth, mostly because we were interested in buying a studio flat, but also to enjoy the sunshine on the beach. 

Obviously we had to have a 99 which was big, but not quite this big.

We had a nice time walking around and did 27,000 steps so we covered a lot of ground.
With regards to studio flats, we saw one that Darren liked but I didn't, one that I sort of liked even though it was grotty and Darren didn't. Another that was terrible and we both didn't like, and finally a totally derelict old bank that is being split into flats.

This one was quite exciting and the top floor had a clock room. It was a round tower room with the back of a clock and a load of mechanism to wind it up, and on the outside is the clock. Think of it like a tiny Big Ben.

Anyway we aren't burying that either.

We carried on enjoying the lovely beach views and then on the walk back to the car saw this wall.

I have taken lots of photos as I am going to try to copy it on our roof terrace at home.

After a lot of thought we have decided that a flat in Bournemouth is not for us.

Monday, 26 April 2021

Farmoor Reservoir

 We made a quick trip to Decathlon in Oxford for some new running kit and then drove a couple of miles to Farmoor Reservoir.

We parked up and headed up a ramp to the reservoir. It is right next to the river Thames, draws its water from there and the view was lovely.

I have to be honest now though and say that the next thought was 'what a terrible smell'. It overwhelmed us for about the next 100 metres and then we either got used to it, or the wind blew it away.

We then watched a family of baby ducklings being introduced to the rather rough water by their mum. They definitely weren't keen on the idea and quickly hopped back again when they thought that she wasn't watching.

As you can see from the map, we walked the whole route, and we didn't swim across the middle, but surprisingly there was a road across it. A nice way to spend a couple of hours.