Sunday, 25 August 2019

Day six - shed erected and greenhouse base laid out

Day five is missing because we took the day off.
After a relaxing day which included a nap on the settee and a lovely party with friends, we are now back on site.
Feeling refreshed, it was a great surprise to find that the shed went together like a dream. Actually Darren made it and I had nothing to do with it.
This is going to be our site toilet and he has put both the toilet and basin in there. It looks very nice, but it can't be tested yet because there isn't any plumbing.
I will include a photo once it's plumbed in - how exciting is that.
We have put the base of the greenhouse together and marked out where it is going to go. We have also marked the levels needed to make it flat.
There is quite a difference between the two so it will be back to digging for me tomorrow I think.

Friday, 23 August 2019

Day four - van hire and epic drive

Last night we drove back home, and first thing today we picked up our hired van. The 24 hour countdown began to move as much stuff as possible between here and the plot.
We had filled our garage with plants, both large and small. The large ones have been dug up from my garden, and the small ones have been grown from seeds and cuttings over the past five months.
They went into the van along with a shed, toilet and basin, loads of tools, a table and four chairs.
Over to our lock up where we added a large dismantled greenhouse, two ladders and two bicycles.
The van was full to the brim and the main worry was the glass for the greenhouse which was extremely heavy and was leaning on the side wall and attached with bungie cords and rope.
On the drive down there was very many roundabouts and on each one we heard worrying bumps and creaks from the back.
However, we eventually got to the plot, opened the door and although things had moved about a bit, everything was still fine.
It took a very long time to unload, but eventually it was done and the most vulnerable plants were in the ground.
Fingers crossed that they survive.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Day three, water and electricity

A good day today because both our water and electricity was connected. Also, we had our first delivery from a supplier - cavity closers to fit around the windows and doors.
Not exactly sure what they do, but I think that they form the shape for our bricklayer to build around and also stop water and draughts getting into the cavity between the bricks and blocks.
Couldn't get any exciting photos of those events, but we have managed to spread what I guess to be around ten tons of topsoil around the site.