Monday, 28 September 2020

Shut the door

 Darren has been very busy over the last few days and we now have a whole room with flooring, skirting, architraves and a door!

It all needs painting and finishing off, but it's great progress. 

I have been doing lots of little jobs - painting, filling, putting in the end pieces for the MVHR machine and gravelling the garden. Not sure if it is staying like this, but it is for the time being. 

We also took a big step forward today as we have sorted out the plan for the front driveway, and found a contractor to do the work for us. (We did have thoughts about doing it ourselves, but it's a very heavy job, with lots of scope for errors, so I think we have made the right decision.) 

Friday, 25 September 2020

Water indoors

 Super exciting day today - the plumbers arrived. They worked really hard all day and plumbed in both bathrooms......

The underfloor heating.... 

Obviously, you can't see the heating, but this is where all of the pipes congregate. They also fitted a water softener and water filter under the kitchen sink. 

And the kitchen sink. The electrician also finished today, so the house is now fully functioning. 

A fantastic end to the week. 😀

Thursday, 24 September 2020

We have lots of lights

 Today our electrician finished the lights on the first floor and we have an interesting selection of different styles.

This one, chosen by me, is in our bedroom. It came out of the box as a small spiky centre and lots of spirals, and Darren randomly screwed them in to place. His favourite is in the office, but unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of it.

I spent the morning painting white walls, and then this afternoon I started renovating the bargain cocktail cabinet. The 88 year old dark varnish put up a good fight, but I have got the hang of removing it now, and it is showing a lot of promise.

Last job of the day was to get ready for the arrival of the plumber tomorrow. Unfortunately, I then cut my finger on a piece of tile and there was a bit of blood - some even dripping on to the floor.

I have stuck a plaster tightly over it have decided not to look at the damage until tomorrow. Darren very kindly told me to sit down with a big glass of cherry brandy, and I am feeling a lot better now.