Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Good bricklaying weather

Another late start due to the frost, but by 10am Trevor was in full flow.

I have counted up and we now only need 200 blocks and about 3,000 bricks and then he is done!
There is still a couple of complicated sections left, including two more steels to lift into place, but we are starting to look towards the end of the building phase.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Bright orange door

This morning we decided to visit our double glazing company to finalise the colours for the window frames and front door.
After spending at least an hour hour studying their standard colours and not really loving any of them, our salesman then announced that the colour that we had chosen was no longer standard after all but would cost at least another £1,500.
This was obviously very annoying, but then  he suddenly found another colour that we had not yet seen that was a new standard colour.
I think that he should sort his display boards out, but anyway it is a nice dark, warm, greeny, grey shade and we chose it for the frames.
We were still struggling to decide the colour for the front door, but then we went a bit brave and chose bright orange.

It's the one on the bottom right, and the window frames are the top left.
We are really pleased with them and they will certainly brighten up the street.
Speaking of the street, our neighbours are also coming on well with their houses and it's starting to take shape.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Found my suntrap

It was very frosty this morning and we got to the site at just after 8am, which is supposed to be sunrise.
Unfortunately, it takes much longer for the sun to reach our house due to the hill and wood that it has to rise over.

The sun eventually reached us at about 9.45am, and it was so worth waiting for. Within minutes the greenhouse warming up and the frost was starting to melt on the roof.
We ate our sandwiches outdoors on the roof terrace and it was glorious. It reminded me of our skiing days and sun drenched lunches on Alpine mountain tops.

I really should have worn my sunglasses, and the long climb down the ladders to the toilet also reminded me of skiing. Luckily I didn't have to do it while wearing ski boots.