Friday 26 June 2020

Success with the gas and electricity

Brilliant news today, the gas and electricity men were all happy with the holes that I had dug, so we are all connected up.
In fact the electric guy was amazed that I was the groundworker, and said that the hole was 'perfect'!!
I was so pleased with him that I gave him one of my favourite chocolate biscuits with his coffee.
Not such good news though for the water duct. 
I had dug this out too, and at about 300 mm underground the ducting levelled off, so I stopped digging, because that was where it could be connected. However, the plumber thought that wasn't deep enough underground. I checked this out with the original ground workers who laid the ducting last year, and they said that it would soon go deeper, and I just needed to dig a bit further on.

Well, I dug and dug and it still stayed at 300 mm underground. So I then decided to dig a hole near to the house to see how deep it was there, but I couldn't find the duct (see hole at bottom of the photo). So I resumed digging my trench towards the house. 
After about another hour, and getting tired and fed up, I stopped for coffee. 
Back to work a bit later, and I decided to try again with the exploratory hole near the house, and within 10 seconds I found the duct!!
How annoying is that. I had dug about a quarter of an inch too far to the right, but anyway, it was still only at 300 mm when it should be 750 mm. 
Not sure what to do about this at the moment, but at least I don't need to go to the gym for a very long time.

Quick fish update, they have settled in very happily, eat a lot and swim out to see me every time I walk past. 

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