Friday 19 June 2020

Too much rain

A few days ago we set up our water butts in bright sunshine and hoped for a bit of rain to get things started.

It was then a case of being careful what we wished for, because the heavens opened when my sister and brother in law visited.
At first it was just a few huge raindrops and was quite exciting. It quickly got faster and we went outside to check on the downpipes. 

It was pouring straight into the first barrel and within a few minutes it was full, and then the water started flowing through the joining piece into the second barrel. Soon Darren found a problem because the water was flowing in more quickly than it could fit through the pipe, so it all started overflowing. 
I then looked at the back garden and flood water was pouring in under the new fence and soaking the garden. 
Fortunately the inundation went around the fish pond so they didn't all float away, but the garden is looking very sorry for itself at the moment. 
On the bright side, all of the water butts are full although I won't be needing them for a while.
I also need to build up the flood defences which were taken down when we got the fence. 

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