Tuesday 16 June 2020

Drama with the fence

So last week the fencers, who it turns out are not actually fencers, finished the fence. (They are bricklayers who are doing fencing because they aren't busy at the moment.) 
From our garden it looked very nice, definitely exactly down the boundary line, if a little uneven. 
However, from our next door neighbours side it looked terrible.

I didn't even get around to taking a photo when it was all intact, but after a meeting between us and the neighbour, it has already been taken apart. 
The fencers turned up just as we were taking it down, so I had a bit of an argument with them and they went off in a huff. 
They also did some good work and levelled the space around our back door which is great, and built us a small retaining wall which is not so good. Unfortunately there are no weep holes in the wall, so I have dug out all of the soil behind the wall and Darren has drilled weep holes for me.

I have back filled it with gravel, put in some weed proof membrane to stop the soil getting through and then put in a few plants. 
All very frustrating, but it will be good when we have finished it for the second time.
I should have sent this yesterday but didn't get round to it, and I now have a bit of a jam of stories piling up. 
To get a quick one briefly out of the way, for those of you interested in our fish, they seem happy and are exploring their new territory.


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