Sunday 7 June 2020

Octopus attack

Oh no, a giant octopus is trying to drag Darren away. 

Actually no, this is the 'after' view following a few hectic and stressful days trying to tame the MVHR machine. In case you don't remember, that's the mechanical ventilation and heat recovery machine that we have been installing. 
The idea of the game was to attach 16 pipes to a very small space that will eventually be under the stairs, and each pipe goes to different rooms around the house. 
We don't have 16 rooms so some have two pipes, some to blow air in, and some to suck it out.

This is before we got it under control, and the picture below is the very full box. 

Well, thanks heavens that's done, although an inspector does have to come round and commission it, but hopefully it will be okay. 
We also had a delivery today of three giant barrels that were originally used to transport olive oil from Greece. 

They were very reasonably priced and we are going to turn them into a big rainwater collection system for the garden. Note the diverter on the downpipe. We need to raise the barrels up on a platform to be nearer to it, and put in taps. 

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