Sunday 23 July 2017

Bright on style

This morning we went to Brighton Museum for a bit of culture. John Constable, the landscape artist who painted 'the haywain', lived in Brighton from 1824 until 1828.
There is a big exhibition of the work he created while he lived here, which was often of dark threatening storms along the coastline.
There was also a strange mix of subjects in the rest of the museum, and we found a dressing up box, so got carried away creating a magazine cover. 
We strolled home along the sea front and a storm was heading our way from the west. Whilst the pier was in bright sunshine the other direction was looking decidedly grim. 
It has to be said that neither view looks anything like any of Constable'paintings. 

Tuesday 11 July 2017

Personalised golf balls

This morning we jumped in the car and drove to the pitch and putt. It is only about a mile away and we always walk, but the novelty of owning our own wheels got to us. 
We had to try out the birthday present that I bought for Daz, which was personalised golf balls. 
We had a good round and the balls mostly went in the right general direction, which has got to be good. 
We also managed not to lose any, although one of us managed to hit the wheel of a bus that was parked on the road nearby. Fortunately the driver thought that it was very funny and gave us it back! 
No prizes for guessing who made that shot. 

Monday 10 July 2017

New car

Exciting day today as we picked up our new car. I was a bit worried about driving it because I haven't driven a car for about five years. 
It is much smaller than the campervan though, so it was actually pretty easy. 
We went to a big empty car park so that I could practice a bit of manoeuvring without any pressure, and before long I was reversing quite happily. 
Unfortunately I then went and ruined it by getting out of the car without putting on the handbrake, but I managed to jump back in again as it started to roll forward. 
I promise not to do that again! 

Sunday 9 July 2017

Kite festival, and afternoon tea

After the excitement of yesterday we were feeling a little delicate, so got some fresh air and sunshine at the Kite Festival. There were kites of all shapes and sizes, including various floaty superheroes and a giant blue whale that didn't seem very keen on taking to the skies. 
It would have been much happier in the sea along with hundreds of other day trippers by the pier. 
I did meet a very obliging seagull that sat and watched as I took my photos. 
As Darren's final birthday treat we then went for afternoon tea at the Grand Hotel with Susan and Paul. Very tasty, but it did get a bit sickly towards the end. 

Darren's 50th

A big day yesterday as Darren celebrated his 50th birthday. We celebrated with lots of drinks, starting with Rose wine at home with M and D, cider in the sun in Kemptown, cocktails at Brighton Rock, and sangria and tapas for dinner. 
Finally, and most surprisingly of all, we finished with rum shots at the St James pub with Susan! 
Staggered home and ate chocolate cake before falling into bed. Hopefully that explains why I didn't write this blog until today.