Thursday 25 May 2017

Tristan and Yseult

Still overdosing on the culture at the Festival and the Fringe. 
Over the last few days we have seen Argentinan Tango dancers, and at very funny Romeo and Juliet where one of the actors was drunk on purpose for artistic reasons! 
We then saw two events on the same day -  Othello the play by Shakespeare in the afternoon (picture one)  and in the evening we saw Otello the opera by Verdi. 
We were right on the front row for both shows and the actors from the afternoon recognised us in the evening and came over to say hello, which was very strange. 
However, the best event was Tristan and Yseult. I wasn't really bothered about it in advance,  but Daz had read that it got five star reviews. It was a modern version of an ancient Cornish folk tale and I absolutely loved it. The rest of the audience did as well, and the couple sitting along the row from us were still crying into their hankies as everyone was trying to leave. I nearly joined them, but just managed to make it outside dry eyed. 
Excellent sunny view of the Pavilion on the way home. 

Monday 22 May 2017

Golf and cocktails

Good round of golf today, I think that at last I am getting the hang of it. Highest score was a six and I even got a birdie and a few pars. 
Daz was on for a par in the second photo but he says that I put him off his putt with my action action shot. 
Golf was followed by the compulsory fish finger sandwiches in the cafe. 
To round off the outing we headed to the Malmaison Hotel at the Marina for a cocktail on the terrace. 
Well we do need to get our money's worth out of our Cocktail Week bracelets! 

For the birds and cocktails

Trying to get better value out of our cocktail week bracelets we set off at 9pm for Brighton Rocks and for two of their amazing cocktails. It took the barman about ten minutes to make them but it was worth the wait. 
We then went around the corner to Drakes for another cocktail before our evening event. We were getting a bit short on time but thought that it would be fine. 
Yet again the barman was a perfectionist and ten minutes later two beautiful and very strong cocktails arrived. Unfortunately that only left about 12 minutes to knock them back and even then we had to run all of the way to a distant bus stop, to meet for our next event. 
We were off on another Festival event, this time to a secret destination in a dark forest. 
We arrived and were told to follow the lights along the route. It was a very dark, still night with stars in the sky and strange birdsong and other noises all around. 
Every few metres we came across installations that were all bird related. The best one was little lights whizzing all above us on cables to look like birds flying through the canopy of trees. 
It is very difficult to describe, but an excellent unique experience. 

Brighton food and drink festival

After leaving M and D we dashed to pick up our vouchers for the afternoon event. We had three hours to visit ten different restaurants to try tapas and their own specialities. 
We started at Merkaba with a lovely cocktail, nibbles and as many macaroons as we could eat. 
Then we started to get organised and had cheese and red wine at Ten Green Bottles, a tasty Indian snack, various weird tea drinks (not my favourite), aubergine pate, chocolate cake, rum punch and Barbadian fish balls, Mexican snacks, more chocolate cake, peanut butter and something on toast I think and finally South African bobotie. 
Then home for a lie down. 

Busy weekend

Lovely, super busy weekend with M and D in sunny Brighton. 
We met for drinks and dinner on Saturday afternoon, then they went to see a load of bands at their trendy hotel and we ran to a church to listen to Tychkovsky. 
Last to arrive we couldn't sit together, but Daz used the time to nap on the shoulder of the lady he was sitting next to. 
Then it was back to M and D's hotel for late drinks. 
Sunday morning started with runs on the sea front for the boys and then a look at the hundreds of Mini cars that were having a rally on Madeira Drive. 
Finally a coffee at the beach volleyball courts before we said goodbye to them and the rest of our busy Sunday really got started. 

Thursday 18 May 2017

Boat - Brighton Open Air Theatre

Back from sunny Crete and on a very wet night we traipsed over to the Boat to watch a very amateurish version of Don Quoixte. Fortunately although wet it wasn't too cold, and at least the play was fairly short. Better luck with the next one! 

Tuesday 16 May 2017


Spinalonga is a tiny island off the Crete mainland. Originally it was a Venetian fortress and from 1903 to 1957 it was used as a leper colony. The lepers used to arrive by boat and then walk through a long dark tunnel into the unknown, never to return. Apparently a cure was developed in the 1950's and all of the remaining people left in 1957. The island has been deserted ever since, apart from all of the tourists including ourselves. It was very moving walking through the tunnel into a sad and now peaceful place.

Sunday 14 May 2017


One of the reasons that we chose this hotel is because it had waterslides. Not too big to be scary, but not too small for children only. 

Saturday 13 May 2017

Crete open air museum

Just a few minutes walk from our hotel is a lovely museum at Lychnostatis. It is the Crete open air museum and was built from scratch in the 1980's by a dedicated group of people. 
It was an amazing find and we spent a happy couple of hours wandering around. The church down by the sea looks as if it has been standing for hundreds of years, as did a beautiful farmhouse. The gardens were lovely, full of fruit and herbs and grapevines that covered a pergola that gave some welcome shade. 
I am getting ideas for my new garden, although unfortunately the weather in Nottingham will be very different to here. 

Thursday 11 May 2017


We arrived last night and immediately tucked into the free wine and cocktails as we are all inclusive. They were very nice indeed and some were very strong. 
Awoke very early this morning with the sun streaming into our room and feeling a little delicate. 
Fantastic view from our balcony and a great start to the holiday. Have done very little today but will put in more of an effort tomorrow! 

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Nature on the South Downs Way

We stayed overnight in our b and b and then set off again from Cocking to Amberley. 
On our way we passed lots of cute lambs with their mums who were munching away happily on the healthy looking grass. 
We then came across a bit of a traffic jam and waited patiently behind a gate for a herd of cows to cross our path. 
A few minutes later we came across a farmhouse with a big sign saying that they supplied Marks and Spencers with milk. 
Obviously they must be extra special cows as the field had been carefully mown with stripes along the whole field. 

Monday 8 May 2017

Walking the South Downs Way

Over the past few months we have been walking chunks of the South Downs Way, starting with the sections that are nearest to Brighton. 
All that we have left now are the more distant chunks, so today we caught a train to Petersfield and walked 23 kilometres to a bed and breakfast in Cocking. 
It didn't start too well as we walked the mile from our flat to Brighton station and I then realised that I had left the Railcard at home! We had to quick march back, pick it up and then dash back to catch a later train. We had walked for three miles and hadn't even got to the starting point. 
All went smoothly from then on and we found a great tree to sit while we ate our lunch. 
We have just arrived at the b and b, although they don't seem very friendly. Never mind, we are off to the pub soon. 

Sunday 7 May 2017

First three Fringe events

Things are going well at the Fringe, and we started on Friday by going to see an amusing Dracula. 
Last night we saw Mr Brighton 2017 in the main tent. It was completely packed and very funny. They were very loud and there was a lot of audience participation. They threw tomatoes into the audience for very strange reasons and then looked for a Phillip Scofield lookalike to do the judging.  I was worried that they might pick Daz, but fortunately we were sat away on one side so avoided their attention. 
The main tent is to the left in the second picture and the shipping containers was our venue for this afternoons show. It was a very unpromising looking place and the play was called 'They built it but no one came'. 
I liked the title and contrary to anticipations, at least 40 people turned up. I had no idea what it was about, and I think that some of it went over our heads, but another entertaining experience! 
We are off to see 'Under the skin' later. This is a film screening with a live orchestra, and then we have tomorrow night off. 

Friday 5 May 2017

Brighton Fringe

Everywhere we go there are huge tents and notices for the Brighton Festival and Fringe which runs for the whole of May.
We have decided to wholeheartedly throw ourselves into the spirit by booking loads of events. At least one for almost every night and two on Sundays. 

Wednesday 3 May 2017

Flat under offer

Two bits of good news to mention. Firstly, we are drinking champagne because we accepted an offer on our flat today. Surprisingly the thing that they really liked was the pull out washing lines that Daz put in by the window, but whatever, it's a good offer. 
Secondly, I am learning to play the ukulele and have just about mastered 'what shall we do with the drunken sailor'. Give it a few more weeks and I will be available to play at parties and barbecues - just let me know if you are interested.