Monday 22 May 2017

For the birds and cocktails

Trying to get better value out of our cocktail week bracelets we set off at 9pm for Brighton Rocks and for two of their amazing cocktails. It took the barman about ten minutes to make them but it was worth the wait. 
We then went around the corner to Drakes for another cocktail before our evening event. We were getting a bit short on time but thought that it would be fine. 
Yet again the barman was a perfectionist and ten minutes later two beautiful and very strong cocktails arrived. Unfortunately that only left about 12 minutes to knock them back and even then we had to run all of the way to a distant bus stop, to meet for our next event. 
We were off on another Festival event, this time to a secret destination in a dark forest. 
We arrived and were told to follow the lights along the route. It was a very dark, still night with stars in the sky and strange birdsong and other noises all around. 
Every few metres we came across installations that were all bird related. The best one was little lights whizzing all above us on cables to look like birds flying through the canopy of trees. 
It is very difficult to describe, but an excellent unique experience. 

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