Thursday 25 May 2017

Tristan and Yseult

Still overdosing on the culture at the Festival and the Fringe. 
Over the last few days we have seen Argentinan Tango dancers, and at very funny Romeo and Juliet where one of the actors was drunk on purpose for artistic reasons! 
We then saw two events on the same day -  Othello the play by Shakespeare in the afternoon (picture one)  and in the evening we saw Otello the opera by Verdi. 
We were right on the front row for both shows and the actors from the afternoon recognised us in the evening and came over to say hello, which was very strange. 
However, the best event was Tristan and Yseult. I wasn't really bothered about it in advance,  but Daz had read that it got five star reviews. It was a modern version of an ancient Cornish folk tale and I absolutely loved it. The rest of the audience did as well, and the couple sitting along the row from us were still crying into their hankies as everyone was trying to leave. I nearly joined them, but just managed to make it outside dry eyed. 
Excellent sunny view of the Pavilion on the way home. 

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