Sunday 7 May 2017

First three Fringe events

Things are going well at the Fringe, and we started on Friday by going to see an amusing Dracula. 
Last night we saw Mr Brighton 2017 in the main tent. It was completely packed and very funny. They were very loud and there was a lot of audience participation. They threw tomatoes into the audience for very strange reasons and then looked for a Phillip Scofield lookalike to do the judging.  I was worried that they might pick Daz, but fortunately we were sat away on one side so avoided their attention. 
The main tent is to the left in the second picture and the shipping containers was our venue for this afternoons show. It was a very unpromising looking place and the play was called 'They built it but no one came'. 
I liked the title and contrary to anticipations, at least 40 people turned up. I had no idea what it was about, and I think that some of it went over our heads, but another entertaining experience! 
We are off to see 'Under the skin' later. This is a film screening with a live orchestra, and then we have tomorrow night off. 

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