Friday 31 August 2012

Off to the Paralympics

Caught the 1728 train and on our way to London.
Booked it way in advance and splashed out on first class. Had trouble getting a photo of myself with the sign so I have taken it separately and a hand self portrait. Took this to show you get free wine and peanuts as part of the service.
Due to arrive at 1919 at St Pancras.
Ps, sorry about the dodgy nail varnish.

Darren's run streak

No, it's probably not what you are thinking.
Darren is on the sixth day of his run streak - which means that he has run for six days now without a gap.
He is so keen to keep it going that he cycled to work yesterday and then ran back home. So this morning he had to run to work in this snazzy looking outfit.
Love his patriotic shoes!

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Au revoir, Nottingham Riviera

It was the last day of the beach in the Market Square yesterday and by 9pm lorries were arriving and the rides were being taken down.
Dreadful weather today and the sand is just being shovelled up and packed off to where it came from. Would that be Skegness or John Stevo's?
It seems like the summer is over, not a single child in the fountains earlier, although looking out from my window I can see one little boy running around under the spray with an umbrella.

Sunday 26 August 2012

Darvill night out

Visit today from D, M, and R Darvill and having a night out in town. Stopped at the beach for a pineapple and a coconut and then at the Blue Bell for shots. Note the classy floccy doggy wallpaper.

Saturday 25 August 2012

Mantis UK racketball tournament

Entered the above competition today.
I entered the ladies, obviously, and Daz and Paul entered the over 40s.
What a shock it was!
After our first game we all managed to get five points each out of 22.
I had a sort of excuse as it was a different ball to the one I was used to, but not a good start.
However, I got the hang of it and won my fourth game against the UK ranked lady number 26.
I am hoping it is like conkers and I now take her place.
Daz and Paul carried on with their dismal  day, but we all got a free teeshirt.
Got to gloat really.

Thursday 23 August 2012

Batman - the review

Not written anything since Sunday, not done anything noteworthy - I know that's not stopped me before - but a quick catch up.
Had a better night out last night than expected.
Went for a Turkish meal opposite Cineworld - see photo - and it was fantastic. Loads of free extras - olives, chillis, carrots, bread, Turkish delight and cherry brandy!
Eventually got round to seeing Batman. Got there a little late so all of the normal seats were gone. Had to sit separately, and I ended up about 10 feet away from a screen that was probably 15 feet high and 30 feet wide.
Hated it at first as I watched the adverts as it was so massive and blurry. I could only focus on a corner of the screen at a time and had to sit sideways and look at it out of one eye.
Much has been documented about the slow pace of Batman, but it actually helped as I could see each scene in detail and open both eyes without feeling dizzy.
A bit of a crazy plot, with a lot of mentions of characters I did not know. Also predictable plot lines at times, but Wollaton Hall looked great.  Batman was very sulky, and after being a sedentary recluse for eight years, he put on a knee brace and became a super hero!
Ridiculous nuclear bomb section and it's set up for another sequel, which I can't stand, but....
I actually enjoyed the experience, the noise, the gigantic screen, the weird characters and the atmosphere.
Must have caught me on a good day.

Sunday 19 August 2012

Nottingham Carnival

Heard a drumbeat at about 2pm and looked out of the window to see the roads closed and crowds standing four deep on the pavement under the window and around the Market Square.
Gradually the music got louder and then the carnival made its way up the street.
Got a fantastic view of all the dancers and costumes as they slowly made their way under our windows.
Couldn't resist nipping down to street level to get some pics there as well.
It certainly brightened up the afternoon.

Saturday 18 August 2012

String and flute quartet at Lenton Road

Lovely evening tonight at Peter's annual concert.
Really good turnout tonight with a packed first half in his kitchen and patio - I estimate about 60 or 70 people all sitting down to listen.
Particularly enjoyed Pachabel, Faure and 'if I were a rich man'.
Fantastic food as always, then a great second half in the living room which included a Tango, but unfortunately no dancers.
Thank you Peter.

Friday 17 August 2012

Joining the 50 club

This is me and Mark, my brother in law. He is 50 in August and his party was tonight.
Bought a new umbrella specially this afternoon but didn't take it with me as it had stopped when we set out, but it was pouring down when we got off the tram.
Tried to get all of the 50 year olds in the photo but it turned out that Kay and Steve were 51 so only me and Mark in the final picture. Oh well.

New favourite drink - TWG

I have invented a new drink by combineing elements of my existing two favourites.
I have taken the tonic from 'gin and' and the glass from '..... of wine' and made 'Tonic in a wine glass'.
How lovely and refreshing it is, and how sophisticated it is being drunk from a wine glass.
Very good value at 55 pence per bottle at Sainsbury Local and helpfully it comes ready chilled.
As we have the slight disadvantage of having no freezer I have also accidentally discovered that thawed out frozen peas taste the same as raw peas without all the hassle of podding them and they go really well in salads.
Sorry no photo - also sorry for very boring photo of new drink.

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Batman fails

Really stuck for Orange Wednesday this week. Decided to try Batman even though it lasts nearly three hours, as the other options seemed even worse.
I suggested we buy the tickets on the way to dinner but Daz said we wouldn't need to as it's been out for ages.
Went to Puzza Express first for dinner and sat near the chefs area. Quite interesting watching them as they were dressed like convicts and Darren thought they looked worryingly greasy, but they made a couple of great pizzas.
Got to the pictures with 10 minutes to spare. Massive queue and it turns out Batman is sold out.
Can't say I am too upset. Sitting at home now in our little living room with my feet up. Planning on watching a Tom Cruise film on the BBC at 8.

Sunday 12 August 2012

Oh no, last day of the Olympics

What are we going to do tomorrow? There will be a massive gap in our lives as almost everything we have done for the last two weeks has revolved around the fantastic Olympics.
Been out for a bike that coincidentally was for 27 miles - just slightly longer than the marathon and which also took us slightly longer to ride than it took Kiprotich to run.
We also had a break half way round to see him win and to have lunch with Tina and Matt.
Good cycling today along very overgrown paths and canal towpaths.

Saturday 11 August 2012

Nottingham police spoil the fun

We have a fantastic view of the fountains from our window and all day every day a mini battle goes on.
The fountain is a major draw for many children, and some adults who maybe should know better - although I quite fancy a paddle myself one day.
For the first couple of days of the school holidays it was packed with kiddies splashing and running about.
From then on the police have had someone on 'spoiling the fun' duty and they order everyone out. However, as soon as they have a tea break, or maybe nip off to chase a shoplifter, the fountain fills with children again.
If you look closely to the left of the third photo you can see the police working hard.
Ps, I can see their point as it has some very sharp edges and a high drop above the waterfall. Maybe the Council should just employ a life guard who is trained in first aid.

All back to our flat

Lovely night out last night with the Halifax crew. Had dinner at Bistrot Pierre, then quick stop at Sainsburys for some provisions before going back to our flat for people watching out of the windows.

Friday 10 August 2012

Frustrating week

Spent most of this week emptying and cleaning my house near Broadmarsh Centre.
Conned by the ex tennant who promised she would clean and empty it and did nothing of the sort.  The council turned up very promptly to take away a settee, two chairs and a mattress that I think had been left in the back garden for months, and I filled my bin, the neighbours two bins who were on holiday and topped up all of the bins on the street and still had enough rubbish left to more than fill my bin again
Thank you Jean.
Planted loads of seedlings from my old house that I had stored at my mum and dads, and I hope they survive.
If you want to rent it then let me know!

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Shopping with Henry

No Orange Wednesday this week as too engrossed in the Olympics to go to the pictures.
Went shopping with Mr Hoover this afternoon in M and S as I was concerned he hadn't got out much lately.

Sunday 5 August 2012

Olympic hockey

Managed to ride between torrential showers and got to the Olympic bike park.
On target to arrive at the stadium about ten minutes late, but got delayed by yet another storm.
However, just after we sat down, back roe again, the sun came out
Just seen Korea beat India, and next match should be a good one - Germany v Holland.
Nine minutes to kick off and got the choc buttons, wine and flag so all set

Rain stops play

Today is the last day of our Olympic cycling and visiting journey.
We have to cycle again across London to get the train tonight at St Pancras, but this afternoon we have tickets for the hockey.
Unfortunately it is raining cats and dogs at the moment and both of our rain jackets let water straight through. ( I didn't know this at the start of the trip). Have also made a bit of effort with the mascara this morning.
We have to cycle for about an hour to the Olympic Park, then the hockey stadium is all outdoors.
Currently trying to sell tickets to Darren's mum and sister.

Friday 3 August 2012

London again

Caught the train from Aylesbury to Harrow on the Hill and then cycled into central London.
Stopped for coffee at Putney then fought with the traffic past the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and a big Olympic symbol opposite St Paul's Cathedral to stop for a lovely lunch at the South Bank overlooking the river.
33.5 miles today and only 32 yesterday, but we are on holiday and watching sport, not doing it ourselves.

Thursday 2 August 2012

Muddy ride today

Went for a bike ride today with Susan along the Grand Union canal.
Lovely first half and stop at canal side pub for lunch.
Just started back when it started pouring down and all of the potholes filled with water.
Got covered in mud but it was a good day out, although on the last half mile of the towpath I managed to lean too far into some bushes as the path got really uneven, and then had to drop the bike and jump over it to avoid falling in the canal.
Can't explain it very well, you had to be there. Fortunately the two bottles of wine in my basket didn't break so will be opening them soon.
My lovely new wing mirror didn't fare so well and is now in two pieces.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Timetrialling to watch the timetrial

Set off from Margarets in Woodford Green and following the route I plotted on Darren's phone.
Stopped at South Mimms service station on the M25 for coffee. No, we didn't cycle the motorway but our route took us just behind it with a cut through in the hedge.
Stopped again on a canal for lunch at a lovely Marina and set off along the towpath. It was really rocky and unpleasant so we took to the roads and started racing along to try to get to a pub to watch Wiggins and Froome.
Cycled nearly 50 miles and am just outside Stoke Mandeville in Buckinghamshire.
The signpost said 'Buckinghamshire birthplace of the Paraolympics', which explains where the name of the second scary Olympic mascot came from.
Just enjoying a Strongbow, about five miles to Susan and Paul's and Wiggins is in the lead.