Saturday 11 August 2012

Nottingham police spoil the fun

We have a fantastic view of the fountains from our window and all day every day a mini battle goes on.
The fountain is a major draw for many children, and some adults who maybe should know better - although I quite fancy a paddle myself one day.
For the first couple of days of the school holidays it was packed with kiddies splashing and running about.
From then on the police have had someone on 'spoiling the fun' duty and they order everyone out. However, as soon as they have a tea break, or maybe nip off to chase a shoplifter, the fountain fills with children again.
If you look closely to the left of the third photo you can see the police working hard.
Ps, I can see their point as it has some very sharp edges and a high drop above the waterfall. Maybe the Council should just employ a life guard who is trained in first aid.

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