Monday, 29 July 2019

Bathroom bonanza

Yesterday I spotted a sign to say that the local Bathstore was closing down and that there was 70% off everything left in the shop. Today we cycled over as we thought that we might buy a toilet for the Welfare Hut on the plot.
Instead we got a bit carried away and bought one bath, three basins, three toilets, three towel radiators, two heated mirrors, one bathroom cabinet, one rainshower attachment, one standard shower attachment, four taps and all the bits, two soap dishes, one toothpaste mug and one toilet roll holder!

All in the space of about an hour and for around £1,400 excluding VAT.
Tomorrow we have to go back to take it all off the walls, and then we will probably have to hire a van to get it home!


  1. Storage problems here we come

  2. All stacked up in the dining area, some in the spare bedroom and some in my office. Couldn't get the bath in the car but are going to try again today.

  3. The 13200 bricks all arriving at once are more of a dilemma...

  4. 24, a full artic. Also unless we find a forklift, Christine will be unloading them by hand.

  5. I am sure that I will cope.

  6. They normally have crane off or some even have a fork lift on back of lorry worth checking with brick company. When do they arrive

  7. did you manage to get the bath in the car?

    1. We did, pushed the front seat forward and the bath went in but stuck out of the back a bit. Daz tied the boot down with a bungy cord and drove home slowly trying to avoid the speed bumps