Monday 15 July 2019

Angel and Lady of the North

Arrived at our destination on the outskirts of Newcastle last night and had a big celebration dinner - with drinks - for Tina and Matt's anniversary. Felt a bit a bit delicate this morning, but we had to crack on as we had a busy day ahead. 
First stop was the Angel of the North. Apparently 33 million people pass by the statue every year, but we were some of the lucky few who stopped to explore.

I tried to take a selfie but kept pointing my camera in the wrong direction, so eventually Daz came to my rescue and just took a photo, very nicely framed too.

Here he is again sittings on the Angel's toes to give an idea of the scale.
Next stop was the lesser known Lady of the North at the Northumberlandia site. It is a 46 acre community park with a stunning landform of a reclining lady. So said the guidebook.
Tina said that she needed a good trim, and in reality you have to use your imagination to find her whole body.

Darren is taking this photo standing on her forehead with her nose in the centre. We are waving from one of her boobs, and way off in the distance are her knees.

In this photo you can see her face and nose on the top left, honestly.
Next up was the main event of the day, Alnwick Gardens. They were absolutely magnificent and everything was in full bloom.

Final stop was the pretty seaside town of Amble where we ate ice creams on the seafront. It's only now that I realise that I forgot to take a photo.

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