Saturday 20 July 2019

Cleethorpes Promenade

Cleethorpes is only two hours drive from home, but we had never been here before.
The main reason that we went was because it is next door to Grimsby - more about that tomorrow.
I spotted that Cleethorpes is on the Meriden line and exactly north of Greenwich, so I wanted to visit the little line on the pavement. Unfortunately it was pouring with rain and we ended up accidentally paying £2 to park near to the pier.

It's rather short, but very pretty and there was even a few donkeys giving rides up and down the sand.
Of course I had to have an ice cream and very nice it was too - English butter toffee.

The tide was out so we only saw the sea from a distance, but we could also see right over to the other side of the estuary.
In the end we decided against walking up to the meridian line, so the best I can do is guess that we probably crossed it without realising quite where.

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