Monday 15 July 2019

Hardraw waterfall

Off on a little jolly up north with Tina and Matt. Took an enormous detour to get there via the famous Hardraw waterfall.
Never heard of it? Try telling that to Kevin Costner who in the guise of Robin Hood, fought Little John there on a tree trunk over the river.
This was probably in the early 1990's,but as a claim to fame its quite a good one.
We visited the waterfall at the end of the valley where after winning his battle, Kev took a shower in its cold spray.

We didn't try and copy him, but instead were transported back in time in the local 16th century pub.
It was a warm sunny day outside, but the pub was freezing cold inside and the locals were all enjoying a friendly drink in front of a roaring fire.
The landlord had a huge handlebar moustache and the customers around the bar all had their own little tins of snuff.

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