Wednesday 10 August 2016

At home in Brighton

Sorry not to have sent a blog for ages, but I will update you now. Thank you for everyone who has been asking if we are okay. I have been struggling, but feeling a bit better at the moment and Darren is good.
On a brighter note we are settling in well. The flat is coming together and the end is almost in sight.
We picked up a little table on eBay that matches our stools, and I am enjoying a little drink to test it. The verdict is very positive, although I am concerned to see my hair in the photo. The mirror for the bathroom is still in its wrapper so I haven't seen myself for ages - time for a haircut I think.
Our drop down bed is great and can just be seen on the left in pic two and Darren is happy as he unpacked his hifi today.
I am pleased with our tiny kitchen - we are just waiting for the dishwasher to arrive - although to be honest not much cooking has occurred yet.