Saturday 29 August 2020

Cocktail cabinet update

 A few days ago I mentioned the art deco cabinet that I bought for £50, which also included two bedside tables.

The plan was to drill a hole in the top and put in a little basin and tap, and maybe put a mini fridge in one of the cupboards. 

I was looking online for inspiration and found this picture. 

It is a beautiful looking piece, that is an almost identical shape to mine. It has given me lots of ideas to copy, and I am going to sand mine down, revarnish it and paint the top and legs in a nice dark grey too. 

However, this cabinet is up for sale for £1,595! One the one hand it's great news, but on the other, it now seems a bit crazy to drill holes in mine.

Changing the subject - I haven't bought any new clothes since the lock down began, and have gradually turned almost all of my jeans and trousers into work gear, and everything is now covered in paint. 

This morning we needed to take a trip to the shops, and I decided to wear my last reasonable pair of jeans to look a little bit smart. Ten minutes into the trip we bought ten 25kg bags of plaster. Before I realised what had happened, all of my clothes were covered in plaster dust. 

This afternoon I had to make an emergency trip to M and S, and bought four pairs of jeans. Fortunately one pair fits quite well so I can still go out, if we should happen to receive an invite. 

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