Sunday 16 August 2020

Painting walls

 I have spent the weekend doing lots of little things such as siliconing round the showers, getting the office ready for the plasterers, lots of tidying up, and then painting.

I have painted the top floor room although I ran out of the grey paint and there isn't any more in the local shops. 

I also bought some pale green paint that looked medium in the pot, went really dark as I was painting it on and then eventually dried to quite a pale colour. Not certain about it, but it brightens up the room. 

I also bought some rather bright yellow for the bathroom, although I am even less sure about this one. 

The main wall isn't going to stay that colour, it's just wet plaster, although it's great to see the window cill finally in place.

Darren has been busy getting on with the kitchen, the utility room and has fitted the radiator on the top floor. 

Lots and lots of rain all weekend, so it was good to be inside the house. 

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