Monday 24 August 2020

Pink plasterboard

 Yesterday Darren, with a little bit of help from me, put the plasterboard ceilings up in the downstairs toilet and storage room.

The plasterboard is pink which shows that it is fire board and is a safety precaution as it is under the stairs. 

He also sorted out the steps to the balcony in our bedroom, and the steps are pink too. 

The plasterers came back this morning and boarded the bedroom and it is really now starting to take shape. 

I spent the day painting, but it was all only white paint, so I haven't taken a photo. 

I have also fallen out with the double glazing people yet again which is very disappointing, although we have now come up with a plan B as to how to deal with them so we will have to wait and see how that unfolds. 

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