Monday 10 August 2020

Insulation and intumescent paint

 I spent this morning putting two layers of fluffy insulation above the ceiling of the garage. I really used to hate this job, and I have mistakenly thought about three times already that I had finished it, and then found yet another place to shove it.

However, I have got a bit more relaxed about doing it now, and the morning passed by quite uneventfully. 

A much nicer job was to paint our metal posts with intumescent paint. This morning a delivery man turned up with my one litre pot of paint, and he also took away the ten litres that arrived a few days ago. 

I used the right amount of paint and it went on quite easily. Two coats equals half an hour of fire resistance, and three coats allows up to an hour. We only need to be covered for half an hour, but I have enough paint to do another coat, so I might as well use it up. 

If I had taken that attitude with the ten litres that I previously ordered then I would have been going for 30 coats. 

Even I don't have that much patience. 

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