Thursday 6 August 2020

Frustrating day

I spent a lot of time this morning dealing with 'issues'. These include the window cills that I ordered over three weeks ago, and that were supposed to arrive in three to five working days. They were actually sent after 15 working days and due to arrive in three parcels yesterday, however, two of the parcels are now lost in transit and the one that did arrive included a window cill that was the wrong size.
Then I checked the fire retardent paint that I ordered for painting two steel beams. I was told bymmany sources that the paint would be incredibly expensive, so when it cost £249 then I was not too surprised. However, on reading the instructions it turns out that I actually only needed one litre, but they have charged me and sent me ten litres!
Also, still waiting for the window company to confirm that the balconies that we are having to buy from them meet current building regulations. Apparently they have never checked this out, but the only reason we are buying them is to correct their mistake in supplying windows to us that also don't meet building regulations.
Anyway, that's enough moaning for today.
The plasterers have got on well and have prepped the ceiling on the top floor. 

I spent the afternoon painting the bathrooms because the tiler is arriving first thing tomorrow to tile the two showers and one floor.
Our electrician did a good day's work and Darren started sorting out the boxing in on the staircase. 
Our skip is filling up nicely, and the little play park opposite our house is looking very good. 


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