Thursday 13 August 2020

Amazing rainstorm

 After the garden was flooded a few weeks ago I put in some major flood defences, and they got fully tested today.

I have edged the back and side of the garden with large tiles and I didn't think that any water would get through. 

The rain started fairly slowly, but built up to a huge crescendo, and fast flowing mini streams charged over the clay soil behind us. 

A small amount of water got between small gaps between the tiles, "bad workmanship?" suggested Darren. But, overall it was a huge success.

My water butts are full again, although they couldn't cope with the speed that the water shot down the drainpipe and we had to stop the diverter until the rain calmed down a bit. 

Ps, further marvellous news today - our window cills eventually turned up today and Darren spent the afternoon fitting them. 

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