Sunday 30 August 2020

My favourite window cill

I have never had a favourite window cill before, but for some reason I really like the one on our top floor. Maybe its the interesting shape, and it stretches all the way along the staircase. I can picture it filled with house plants, although that's a bit of a way off yet. 

Today I really, really do think that I have put in the last piece of insulation. I used two bags of the stuff and even have a spare one to take back to the shop. Big cause for celebration, and hopefully I can throw away the very old and tired dust mask now. 

We bought some bright orange paint yesterday because I thought it a shame that once we were inside the house we couldn't see the lovely orange front door. The back of it is dark grey so it made sense to paint the wall surrounding it.

Interesting look, and it brightens up the hallway. 

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