Monday 3 August 2020


Things are starting to come together a,nd I have spent the last couple of days painting. It might sound strange, but one of the first things that I have painted is the inside of the garage.

Darren wanted to put up some heavy duty shelving, so I painted the walls before he started. We wanted a nice colour, but the ones that we could find in the shops were really boring, so we mixed our own. 
I had a spare half pot of bright greeny blue wood paint, so I poured some in to white masonry paint, and ended up with a lovely toothpaste colour.
I took a more traditional route in the kitchen and bought some dark grey paint to accent with the white in the kitchen. 

Darren has also started fitting the kitchen and is putting up the full height units along the back wall.

There is lots more painting to do and the plasterers are here too so I need to try to keep up with them. 

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