Sunday 23 July 2017

Bright on style

This morning we went to Brighton Museum for a bit of culture. John Constable, the landscape artist who painted 'the haywain', lived in Brighton from 1824 until 1828.
There is a big exhibition of the work he created while he lived here, which was often of dark threatening storms along the coastline.
There was also a strange mix of subjects in the rest of the museum, and we found a dressing up box, so got carried away creating a magazine cover. 
We strolled home along the sea front and a storm was heading our way from the west. Whilst the pier was in bright sunshine the other direction was looking decidedly grim. 
It has to be said that neither view looks anything like any of Constable'paintings. 


  1. Was the Constable exhibition any good?

  2. Yes, although quite small and all of the pictures were of the sea or windmills. He brought his wife and family to the fresh air of Brighton hoping that it would make them more healthy than in smoggy London. Interesting local connections which made it seem relevant to us Brighton residents!