Sunday 28 June 2020

More insulation

At least twice before I thought that I was coming to the end of the insulation process, but yet again I am very wrong. 
This new job is a big one, and quite unpleasant, as all of the ceilings need a layer of fluffy insulation. This is acoustic insulation which should reduce the sounds passing between different floors and rooms. 

Unfortunately, this is the type that is really itchy, full of dust that makes you cough and gets in your eyes. 
I have just got started with it, and have finished the bathroom and most of the en suite. I am getting the technique now though, so should be quicker from tomorrow. 

Darren is working on the bathrooms too, ready for the plumber to come back in a few days time. 
He is putting up cementboard in the showers and boxing in pipes, and the rooms are starting to take shape. 
We are also starting to put plasterboard on the ceiling, which is quite a task. 


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