Monday 8 June 2020

Underfloor heating and concrete screeding

Another very exciting day today as we were having the underfloor heating and concrete screeding installed.
We had prepared well and the whole of the ground floor was completely empty when the fitters arrived. 
Within a couple of hours the underfloor heating pipes were laid and we took loads of photos to ensure that we know exactly where they are so that hopefully we don't put any nails in them in the next few weeks. 

Shortly afterwards the concrete lorry arrived and then the screed was pumped in. We were amazed how liquid it was, like a very runny soup. 
Within half an hour it was all in and it then levelled itself out. 

Less than five hours after they arrived, the two fitters had gone again. The only slight problem is that they didn't tell us to open the windows to let the humidity out until they had finished. And once they had finished we couldn't get back in to the house, so they are having to stay shut. 
We can't walk on it for a couple of days, so have some plans to keep us busy away from the plot. 

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