Friday 12 June 2020

Mostly off site this week

On Tuesday we drove up to Yorkshire to visit a kitchen shop and saw some lovely kitchen units. Provided that the price is right, then we will probably buy them.
On Wednesday we hired a van and brought a van load of bathroom fixtures that we bought in a sale last year, and that have filled our living room at home ever since. 
We also brought our goldfish, called Hilda and Mary in the van in a plastic tank. 
Today we  went to a marble worktop shop and really like this one. 

We find out the price on Monday, so fingers crossed. 
We also decided that Hilda and Mary needed a bit of new company in the bath, so we bought them some new friends. 

Here they are arriving in style. 

These are Darren's favourites. 

Here they are settling in and exploring. Within five minutes Hilda and Mary were joining in and I hope that they will be one big happy family. 


  1. so how many fish do you have now?

  2. We have the two originals, Hilda and Mary, then ten new little ones today. Four black and frilly, four lemon coloured shibunkins I think, and two orange and silver goldfish. They all look happy together and were merrily eating mosquito larvae when we left them today.