Tuesday 30 June 2020

Next stage of the electric project

Our electric connection is gradually making its way inside the house, and it took another step today. Last week it was disconnected at the box in the front garden and a wire was put in to the box on the exterior house wall.
Today a guy arrived to take the meter out of the garden box and put it in the new box. We still don't have any electricity again yet, because the next step is for our electrician to connect the meter box up with a wire that I think goes to the fuse board in the garage. That's due to happen tomorrow, so I can almost smell  coffee in the house again soon.
I spent another day fighting with the itchy insulation, but I have now finished the ground floor, although I don't think that the bath is staying in the living room.

I only needed to do the wall on the top floor so that was a big relief.


Darren has almost finished the plasterboarding in the en suite so the room is starting to take shape, although this photo doesn't make it very clear. 

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