Wednesday 1 July 2020

Coffee and Henry

Another step in the electricity project today. Our electrician came and moved the temporary consumer unit in to the garage, and we now have extension cables running in to the house. 
Fantastic news, and the first thing that we did was have a coffee. 

What a lovely treat that set me up for the next task - 
hoovering with Henry. 
It is amazing how dusty and unpleasant the house has become, so I spent a happy hour or two smartening it up. 

Not quite so happily I am still on insulation duty, and I spent the afternoon packing it in to the ceiling on the top floor. 

Finally, I don't know how they found this blog, but the Graven Hill company got in touch with me a few days ago and said that they had been reading the blog and found it both useful and informative!
No one has ever said that before, but anyway, we are now featured on the Graven Hill website, and if you are really keen you can follow the link here.....  Graven Hill newsletter

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