Tuesday 28 July 2020

Kitchen delivery

All hands on deck today for the arrival of our kitchen. Not for us the IKEA flat pack, we have gone for ready built units that were made in North Yorkshire. 
Susan and the two plasterers gave us a much needed hand to get everything inside. 

It's all in the living room and Darren is keen to start fitting it, but I think that there are some more urgent jobs to do first. 
The plasterers got on well today and the rooms are taking shape. Months ago we made a mistake with the ceiling level in the kitchen and we have 'styled it out' by raising part of the ceiling (otherwise the door wouldn't open) and it looks almost as if we did it on purpose now.

The dark parts are the raised area and the plaster there is still wet, but I like the effect. The hallway also currently has a two tone wet plaster effect. 

We had a final delivery just before we left for the day of two taps that Darren bought online for under £40 but they look amazing. 

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