Tuesday 21 July 2020

Plastering progress

We didn't get much done on site today, but here is the latest from the plasterers, although I have to say that Darren and I did board all of the ceilings ourselves. 

This morning I had a very long showdown meeting with the Managing Director of the window company and one of his senior staff members. They seemed helpful and genuine, but about a month ago Darren had a similar meeting with the Operations Director who took loads of notes and promised to sort everything out.
Two weeks later we found out that she had left the company, and last week we found out that all of her promises had 'slipped through the net.' Lets see what happens this time.
We then had a lovely afternoon shopping for lights and a water softener machine. We bought lots of lights, but no softening machine yet, although we did see an interesting demonstration of the difference between the local hard water and the fancy softened type. 
It involved a bar of Imperial Leather soap and a washing up bowl and the local water turned really cloudy with scum round the bowl, while the softened water was still sparkly, clear and full of lots of fluffy bubbles. Impressive stuff, but will be buy one? 


  1. My brother got a water softener and loves it

  2. The house is really starting to take shape. The hallway looks great

  3. The house is really starting to take shape now the plaster board is going in. Love the hallway