Wednesday 29 July 2020

Last second cancellation

At about 4pm yesterday the guy doing the concrete screeding in the garage rang to confirm that we would be ready for him to come today. That was a shock because we weren't expecting him until tomorrow. 
He said that there might be some spare concrete, so we should be ready with somewhere for him to leave it. 
Panic and action stations, as I set about digging some mini foundations for a future little wall in the back garden.

I got to the plot early today to level it all up and Darren started to empty the garage. With half an hour to go before the screeder was due to arrive we realised that we didn't have any waterproof membrane to put under the concrete so I ran to the car and set off to the builders merchant.
I got back with ten minutes to spare and we managed to get it all laid down. Phew, panic averted. 

Twenty minutes later and with no sign of the screeder I rang and he said 'funnily I was just about to call you'. I didn't think it was very funny, but apparently his van had broken down, so he is coming tomorrow after all.
I then decided to deal with the huge concrete plinth that used to hold the electric and water pipes, but is now redundant and taking up a huge space in the front garden.
We had hoped that we could get it taken away, but that wasn't possible, so I set about digging a hole to bury it.

It took a couple of hours, but by then I had a made a large coffin shaped hole. 
The concrete plinth is on a pallet just behind me and it probably weighs at least half a ton. 
The next step was for us to get long planks of wood and lever the concrete to the edge of the hole. The worry was that it would fall at the wrong angle and then we would never be able to move it. However, in an amazing manoeuvre, we made one final push and it tipped upside down and landed right in the middle of the hole.

Brilliant result and eventually it will be buried under the driveway. 

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