Monday 6 July 2020

Plumbers and baby wagtails

The two plumbers arrived today and got on with the first and a half fix. They are being paid on a day rate, and a cynical person might think that they would take it a bit easy. 
This is not the case at all, and they charged around at a million miles an hour and by about 1pm everything was done. Darren and I were both exhausted when we they left, from having to answer loads of questions about exactly where showers and toilets were to be situated, and putting up a surprise stud wall ready for the radiator pipes. 
The bath is now in the right place and looking very happy. 

Another very happy event took place in our garage today, as our baby wagtails hatched. 
I haven't mentioned the birds and their nest before in case anyone complained about the noise and dust that surrounded them. 
We only found out that the birds had decided to build a nest in our garage when I walked out of it and a very angry bird stood right in front of me. She was leaping up and down and screaching and as I stood to one side she flew right past me and up into the open joists. 
A couple of days later Darren took this photo of her nest and eggs. 

They have spent a week with the electricians who put a fuse board within a few feet of the nest, and today when the plumbers drilled holes in the floor just above their heads. 

However, just after they had left I heard a tiny chirping, and now both mum and dad are flying backwards and forwards with tasty treats.

I have checked online and the babies are due to fly away in about two weeks time, and the garage is due to be nice and quiet during that time. They should all be gone by the time the plumbers come back on the 24th.

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