Wednesday 8 July 2020

Slightly in the doghouse today

I did know that it was Darren's birthday on the 8th, but I lost track of the date so it caught me a bit unawares. We had cake on the roof terrace with S and P today, and it was my turn to buy the cake, but instead of buying a good chocolatey one with candles, I forgot and bought a basic lemon drizzle instead.
Actually it was very nice, and everyone was distracted from this oversight because Kevin McCloud and his team were back filming on our street. 

He stood right in front of our house and then walked along the street doing his piece to the camera. What was interesting was that he probably did about ten takes, and this shot shows him turning around and heading back to start the scene again. 
I have another interesting photo that I took from someone else's Facebook page. I don't think that's illegal, and not many people read this anyway.

Our house is in the red circle, but the photo shows the whole of Graven Hill wood behind us and the surrounding area. His post says that he was in an aeroplane, and we often see gliders above us, so maybe that is how he did it.

Today was a good day for me because I have almost finished putting the acoustic insulation around the whole house. It is amazing how much quieter the house feels, and somehow more solid and substantial. 
Finally, a little update on the plasterboard and plastering situation. I have found a very nice plasterer who is going to do most of the house for us, as I think that otherwise we had bitten off more than we could chew. 
However, we are going to do a few little rooms ourselves, but probably stop once we have used the 50 boards that we had delivered last week. 

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