Tuesday 14 July 2020


Graven Hill have just released another drone photo and our house is in a prominent position. 

The site is gradually filling up and you can see the land at the front of our house. 
This is going to be landscaped and work has been going on for a few weeks now. There is going to be a small toddlers playpark in the semi circle that you can just see in the photo. 
We were quite excited today because the centrepiece of the park was due to arrive on the back of a lorry. 
We were told a while ago what it was going to be, but had different memories of the conversation. Darren was expecting a pirate ship, and I thought it was a tree shaped climbing frame, so one of us was set to be disappointed.

In the end though we were both a bit underwhelmed. It was a huge tree trunk, but it just lies flat along the ground. It's probably a lot safer that way, and on closer inspection it is a beautiful thing that has been carefully sanded and planed, so hopefully no splinters either. 

Also, it isn't finished yet and it isn't for us anyway. 

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