Thursday 23 July 2020

More hole digging

I think that I really have dug the final hole for our build. 
This one is for the condensate from the new boiler that was fitted today - hurrah, hurrah. 
As holes go, and I am now a bit of an expert, it was a fairly small one. It only took a couple of hours to dig, and the main problem, as always, is getting through the stamped down gravel path around the house, before then digging out the clay. 

This is the hole and the next photo shows the pipes and limestone soakaway. 

We just need to lag the pipes and then fill it all back in. Unfortunately, the heavy clay never goes back in as it came out, so we will no doubt be left with a pile of spare clay that will have to go somewhere else. 
The boiler and all of it's pipes are looking nice and tidy, although it is not actually working yet. 

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