Thursday 25 June 2020

Digging holes

Top tip for today, no matter how hot it gets, don't wear shorts and then crawl around in the mud digging holes. You will end up with very dirty knees and look like a 12 year old boy who has fallen over playing football. Sorry no photo of this as I am too embarrassed. 
However, I am very proud to present photos of some of the holes that I have been digging over the last few days. 

Actually, I wasn't in the best of moods at this moment, and I didn't actually dig all of this hole, but I did have to link it up with a big hole the other side. 

This is one of the holes that I did dig, and it is so that a gas supply can be connected up and then taken to a box at the side of the house. It is then linked up with another hole that I dug there too. 
There is another quite deep hole for the electricity supply and yet another for the water. 

The exciting thing is that the company are due to come tomorrow to connect the gas and electricity, and I hope that they will be happy with the holes. 
Last week after the Great Downpour, the gas hole was almost filled with dirty water and there are thunderstorms forecast overnight, so I hope that they miss us out this time. 
In case you are wondering, I tied a long piece of string to a bucket and emptied it out by hand a couple of days ago.
Meanwhile, Darren, who does all of the difficult and technical tasks, has bought a fantastic machine gun style screw gun and has put in the first of many hundreds of pieces of plasterboard. 


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  2. And you manage to wear shorts and not look like a school boy. I think the problem was more the dirty knees covered in mud, the oversized clumpy work boots and the style of my shorts. Anyway, not keen to wear them again.
    Early days with the screw gun and it looks a bit scary at the moment, but it sure does whizz the screws into the wall very quickly.