Saturday 27 June 2020

No electricity

It might have sounded as if we had electricity in my blog yesterday, but the celebrations were actually because the electric cable had been moved from the garden where we had a meter, to the outside of the house. 
We have to wait for at least another four days before we get a newmmeter and then electricity working back inside the house. 
We knew all about this timetable in advance, so it was disappointing soon after they had left when Darren leaned out of the window waving his electric saw about because he was surprised that it no longer worked. 
I am also disappointed that the kettle doesn't work, but at least I was expecting it. 
Another person who was surprised yesterday was the gas fitter who walked all over my sweetcorn and sunflower patch in the front garden. 

I don't think that he is used to flowers on a building site and tried his best to avoid them, but he just kept forgetting and stomped on a couple of them. 
It couldn't be helped though, and all was forgiven because he did a good job. 
The plants in the greenhouse are doing well and I have green tomatoes, 

flowers on my aubergines, although I have no idea what to do with them and 

small chilli plants. 

They look quite big in this photo, but I have actually just zoomed in. 

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