Wednesday 24 June 2020

Visit from Grand Designs

No, not at our plot but at our very near neighbours. We knew that Kevin McCloud was coming and I spent the whole day scanning the street and nonchalantly popping out in to our front garden just in case he was passing at that exact moment.
Unfortunately we missed him completely although we did see lots of his crew and cameramen.
Our scaffolder, who we are now on quite friendly terms with, did turn up and spent the afternoon topless while putting up the scaffolding on the site, so he might well be on the programme once it is ready.
Thank you to Paul for this rather distant shot of what I believe to be Kevin McCloud on another plot. 

I think that's him on the second from the right. 
Today I bought a load of porcelain floor tiles and am using them to build new flood defences for the garden after last week's flood. 
I have dug down just in front of the new fence and buried two thirds of the tile into the clay. It's hot and hard work, and I haven't done much yet, but I need to go all the way around as thunderstorms are due in a few days time. 

Hopefully you can just see the tiles, and see the dreadful state of the grass that is covered in clay from last week. 
Darren has also put the panels back on the fence, and it is now looking pretty nice. 

As if that wasn't enough excitement for one day, we also ordered the kitchen, got the garage measured up for a door, and are setting up for a potential fight with the window company. 

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