Friday 23 September 2016

Our tiny flat is finished

You might be surprised to hear from me as it had been so long since I have written a blog. I have almost forgotten how to do it, but we have a small reason to celebrate.
We actually finished the flat about three weeks ago but I was so miserable that I couldn't motivate myself enough to send an update.
I am turning over a new leaf now and acting positive has made me feel better. I have promised Darren that I will be nice and cheerful - so here goes.
Our little flat is looking lovely and is pretty spacious, at least in comparison to our campervan.
Fortunately we don't have a cat as there isn't room to swing one, so that isn't a problem.
Everything in the flat is working well, we have a quick routine of pushing the chairs aside at bedtime and the bed is hidden behind the Chinese scrolls to the right of the second picture. It just drops down and off to sleep we go.
We have a utility cupboard with a washer dryer in it and a 'garage' with our two second hand Bromptons in it.
The bathroom is tiny and decorated with Brighton beach wallpaper.
If you want to see more, then get in touch and come to see us. We know all the local bars and restaurants so we can show you a good time.

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