Monday 3 October 2016

Re: 11 nights in Turkey

We have come away to Turkey to relax for a few days, and what a fantastic decision that was.
We are staying near Antalya at an all inclusive hotel that is as beautiful as the photos in the brochure.
The hotel is definitely very quiet, although there are quite a few grandma's, grandad's and toddlers around.
It has a huge water park that is almost deserted as there are no school age children here due to it being term time.
We have been trying out the water slides and I am getting a bit more confident on them.
It is my first time on the slides on my own today as for the two days we slid down on rubber rings made for two.
I was very pleased to find that on my own I slide down much more slowly and it is really enjoyable.
It must be down to the extra weight, - no offence Darren - but when we slid down together we went so fast that I screamed all of the way down.
Yesterday we went down the biggest slide, which is not on this photo and it was so terrifying that I am never going to try again. It was such a relief to get off it and check that we were still alive. I will get some photos of Darren on it in a few days time so you will see that I am not exaggerating.
There is also a massive swimming pool that is long that we only managed to swim two lengths of it yesterday.
I had lots of plans to visit nearby towns and waterfalls, but it is so lovely here that we might not even leave the hotel.
Ps, that might also have something to do with the Turkish chocolate donuts for breakfast, baklava for lunch and as many gin and tonics as we can drink!

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