Saturday 29 October 2016

Starling murmurations

Well I had never heard of this before moving to Brighton, but it is a pretty amazing sight.
The starlings all gather together as the weather starts to get colder and as the sun is settling.
They whizz about in huge gangs and one of the big places that they do that is at the Palace Pier.
We timed it just right and saw them a couple of days ago. For about half an hour they charged around in huge groups as I desperately tried to take photos of them.
Just as I was starting to get the hang of it hundreds of them shot under the pier right next to where we were standing and disappeared.
There must have been a secret signal between them to say that it was time for bed.
That was the show over for the night and they spend the night roosting under the pier.
Looking forward to watching them again tomorrow.

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