Saturday 25 March 2017

Lake District adventures

We went to the Lake District towards the end of March and I am just bringing my blog up to date. 

Up in the Lake District with Daz, Elaine and Mark. Lots of drama as the first thing that happened was that E and M's brand new car got stuck in a giant mud bath and we had to push it out. Then we walked up above the snow line and I sank up to my thighs in the snow. Me and Elaine had to crawl out, but somehow Daz and Mark managed to run across it. 
After a great day out walking in amazing scenery and weather, we chose the steepest and most dangerous route ever down the side of a mountain. E and M have walked in the Lake District at least once a year for the last 25 years, and as we all quivered in shock at the bottom they said that it was the worst descent that they have ever seen. All of this on day one, and we are here for the whole week!

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