Sunday 4 June 2017

Rainy day in Mayrhofen

The day lived up to it's billing and the rain was quite torrential as we made our way on the so called 'Easy route' to Mayrhofen. 
It started to thunder as we walked through the forest with our metal pronged umbrellas. I think that this probably is a bad idea, but I also think that we have had much more than our share of bad luck lately, so it wasn't our turn to get struck by lightening. 
And we didn't, although a rather unfortunate thing happened to my rucksack instead. I think that the back of it wasn't covered by my umbrella, so by the time we got to Mayrhofen there was quite a puddle in the bottom of it. 
Keen to solve the issue I bought a bright red replacement that is supposed to be waterproof, and a separate plastic cover in case that isn't true. 
See photo three to see me lucking smug and happy! 
Ps, I am now back at the hotel, the rain has stopped and I am sitting on the balcony drinking red wine and surrounded by my belongings that are slowly drying out. 

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