Monday 21 May 2018

Cycling around Guernsey

The sea is completely calm and at the moment you wouldn't even know that we have sailed anywhere, and hopefully it will continue for the next few days.
This morning we arrived off the coast of Guernsey and went ashore by tender. 
We had our Bromptons and Matt had hired a standard bike for himself and an electric one for Tina. However, after seeing how great Tina's bike looked he immediately upgraded his own to electric too. 
This left us in the unlikely position of not being able to keep up with them. Every now and then I heard a quiet whooshing sound as one or the other of them shot past and disappeared into the distance!
It was a beautiful day though as the weather was amazing, the scenery beautiful and the roads were very quiet - just the occasional polite motorist who waited ages before almost apologetically overtaking.
Matt and I found a nice beach for a paddle and Tina and Darren found a lovely mini beach hut at the coffee stop. 

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