Wednesday 20 June 2018

Summer in the mountains

Today we spent some money and bought a lift pass, so had to make the most of it, by catching as many lifts as possible. We started with two cable cars up to the very top of the mountain on the opposite side of the valley, reaching a height of 1,900 metres.
It was a beautiful day and we didn't even need to wear a jacket. There was loads of people sat around just taking in the view and picnicking. 

After doing the same ourselves, we set off downhill and along the top of lower mountains and stopped for lunch in the sunshine. 

We then set off hiking along the wiggly path behind Daz, over the mountain in the distance and we then got to the best bit, a lovely paddling pond and sunbeds. 

We lazed about for a while and then caught the slowest two person chairlift down to the town. It was so peaceful, just like sitting on a descending balcony and finished off the day very well. 

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