Friday 22 June 2018

Penkelstein lift and lakes

Stunningly beautiful walk today. We caught the Hahnenkamm lift to the top of the mountain and then walked along the top to the Penkelstein lift. This turned out to be a major junction with lifts appearing from all directions. 

We stopped for a break by the lake and then another lake, then the cafe, then a lunch break, and then yet another cafĂ© before properly starting our walk down. 

It took quite a while and we got a bit worried about the time, so jogged little sections to try to make up for the earlier dawdling about. After whizzing along, cutting hair pin corners through grassy fields and downhill striding, we arrived at the bottom of the mountain, but around the other side from our hotel. 
Our cunning plan was to catch a cable car from there back up to the top and then another one straight back down almost to our doorstep. 
It all went well and we got back to the top before the lifts stopped for the day. We also notched up our longest day of the holiday. 

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