Sunday 29 July 2018

Brompton World Championships

I was a bit nervous, but once we got there I calmed down and got excited instead. Everyone was dressed up and there was a party atmosphere as we waited. 
We lined up for the start and I had a quick chat with my neighbours. We all had last minute nerves about setting up the bikes and how far we needed to cycle. 
There was a bit of chaos at the start as we had to wait until the fourth whistle before our section could run across the road to our bikes, but then we were off. 
From the first second I loved it and we raced down The Mall, past Buckingham Palace, along by St James's Park and Horseguards Parade, and then back up the little hill to the start. 
Daz, Elaine and Mark were together by the start and took photos every lap, and then Margs, Dave and Scott were cheering by Horseguards, so I chanced a quick wave every now and then.
It wasn't long before I was lapped by the leaders who were really charging along. I did a bit of overtaking myself, but all too soon it was over. 
I collected my medal and goodie bag, and Daz brought me a gin and tonic to celebrate.
Finally, we headed to the pub for a few drinks, a debrief, and chat to a brightly suited fellow competitor.